Monday, November 17, 2008

Win Friends and Influence People

You're going to think I'm obsessed with soup now. I made the butternut squash soup again yesterday. I had some girlfriends over and we ate the soup as the main dish, and a nice salad and everyone loved it. So, really, do yourself a favor and make some soup - you could win friends and influence people with it. ;) Alright, I promise not to talk about food the next time I'm online. I'll actually give you an update on my abdominal progress!!

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Linda LaRue said...

Hey Clara-I bought an acorn and butternut squash at the farmer's market on Sunday. I cut both into 2x2 inch pieces then, roasted them for 45 min at 400 degrees. The roasting brings out the flavor and makes it so much easier to peel off the skins. I have also been adding two leeks which I slice and saute in 2 T of olive oil as they are in season and very inexpensive. I love this flavor combination. Plus, I froze 5 individual servings. Such a fast-fix, healthy, and yummy treat that's only 80 calories per cup! How simple is that?

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Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC