Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Could Live on Soup Alone

Have I ever told you how I think I could live on soup alone?? I've said it numerous times to my fellow eaters when I'm slurping down some heavenly broth, or when I've been eating too much in general and a simple bowl of soup sounds like the most perfect food ever. Well, as you can imagine, this makes Linda LaRue's SOUPer Slim meal plan that comes with Crunchless Abs a no-brainer good thing in my book. I made a batch of the roasted veggie soup a couple weeks ago with butternut squash I grew in my garden (the single most successful thing I grew this year which I wasn't really excited about until I ate that soup!!) Roasting all of the veggies - including the onions and garlic - elevates squash soup to some sort of divine manna. I would not steer you wrong. You've gotta try it.

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