Sunday, November 09, 2008

Naughty Holiday Eating

Hey, check out Linda LaRue's own blog. It's really good! She has lots of good information, and just interesting posts. I find this post really helpful:
Tip #2, the one about taking a pre-emptive strike against naughty eating at parties by having a healthy snack before you leave the house, to be SO helpful. It really works for me. I've been finding that when I slow down long enough to think about what foods are going to be best for me (the Souper Slim planner is a great cheat sheet), and then take the time to shop for and prep those foods for myself, it's WAY easier to pass on the unhealthy stuff in social settings. I mean, I didn't used to have self discipline when it came to my favorite foods. But looking at the big picture, and like I said, investing time in MYSELF by food planning makes all the difference in the world!


Linda LaRue said...

Hey Clara-Thanks for the compliment about my Avoiding Holiday Hangover. I am completing a couple great articles on my Make Healthy A Lifestyle newsletter including my Healthy Holiday Makeover Meal Menu at I'm featuring one of my favorite recipes, Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust that is only 125 Calories per slice! You can make delicious desserts, without sacrificing taste. Plus, in the SOUPer Slim Booklet you received with your first Crunchless Abs dvd, there is a yummy and filling Late Harvest Fall Roasted Butternut Squash soup recipe. So easy and it freezes well too, which
is eco-friendly and cost-saving.


Clara said...

Oh, that roasted squash soup is divine!!! Can't wait to take a gander at that pumpkin pie recipe next!