Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Flat Abs Without Crunches

So you know I'm a big fan of the Crunchless Abs program. It's the smartest workout series I've ever tried. Crunchless Abs demonstrates workouts for real people - starting from the ground up and getting more advanced as you get stronger. It really pushes you toward flat abs in a supportive way and without crunches. But I just ran across this new product, also from Linda LaRue: Core Transformer. Do you know what it is? I haven't clicked around yet. It looks like a fancy resistance band type of tool - have you tried it?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

10 Minutes a Day to Sexy Abs

A 10-minute workout. That's it! Just 10 minutes a day is all that the Crunchless Abs program asks of us. Devoting 10 minutes a day to working your abdominal core - with NO crunches - will yield the sexiest abs you've ever had. What else do you spend 10 minutes a day doing? Washing dishes? Taking a shower? Standing in line for a latte? Playing around on Facebook? What a solid investment of time. There's really no excuse not to invest that 10 minutes in your health, your fitness, your core strength, your gorgeous abs.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Count Calories to Lose Weight

Success! I lost 1 pound this week! I can't even believe it. I started a food journal, writing down everything I ate. I haven't gotten into a good rhythm yet of calculating the calories - this part still feels like a chore. I think it'll get easier as I learn what caloric values are in foods I eat regularly. Just the fact that I'm documenting what I eat is a huge step in the right direction toward being very aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. I highly recommend it. And if you're willing to show your food journal to someone else, so much the better - you'll feel even more dedicated to eating right. Because who wants to admit that they ate that whole bag of cheese puffs?
Here are some websites you can use to help you calculate your calories:
I'm eating a bit more protein than I usually do, because i'm trying to drop some fat and add some muscle. I'm building up those abdominal muscles, and melting off the fat layer that hides my ever-strengthening ab muscles. And, I'm trying to get into a more regular rhythm of eating. I've always been a bit of a grazer and also kind of an over-eater. So, while those are difficult habits to break, I'm at least aware of it now and trying to make the changes necessary to unveil beautiful abs. My diet has always been a little out of whack - eating too many starchy carbs and not enough fruits and vegetables. So, I'm trying to work that out. And adding in the protein that I was really missing. It's all delicious. The thing I'm missing the most is the baked treats made with refined sugar. That was my main staple that I'm trying to do without entirely. Whew! Difficult! But it will be absolutely worth it. The Crunchless Abs program is so do-able... I don't want to be putting in the energy and time on the workouts and messing up on the diet part of it. The exercise is only part of the equation! We've got to eat right, too!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Wishing" Is Not an Effective Fitness Plan

It seems that merely recognizing I have some extra fat lying around is not enough to make it go away. If wishes were horses we’d all take a ride. That’s right, it turns out wishing is not an effective fitness plan. So, the time has come for me to start counting calories. I know, I know, calorie counting seems so 1980s, but hey, the ‘80s are back, haven’t you heard? So, my goal is to lose one pound in the next 7 days. I know some people have much loftier goals, but I want to start small, realistic. I want to start this little program with a success. As far as I’m concerned, success is the right foot to put forward! OK, so the crunchless abs Cardio Core Sculpting video is going to play a part in my one-pound-reduction goal. And, yes, I’ll be counting calories. This means keeping a food journal. Some of you have smart phones (you lucky dogs!) and can download calorie-counting apps. More power to you! I think this is one of those great apps that can really make a different in your health, therefore in your life. The thing is that I’m not accustomed to paying a lot of attention to the calories in the foods I eat. The food journal will make me aware and probably influence what I’m putting in my mouth – there’s nothing like a visual record to keep me on my toes! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unveil Your Beautiful Abs - Burn That Fat

I've just had to come to terms with the fact that I'm carrying around some extra weight around my midsection. I believe they call it a spare tire. And as soon as I realized that indeed I have extra weight that didn't used to be there and really shouldn't be there now, I started to feel it all the time. When I'm walking, I feel it move. When I'm sitting, I feel it wrapped around my core like insulation. It's a terrible feeling! I really was pretty oblivious to it before. I guess it sort of comes and goes, but I'm suddenly hyper-aware of it and need it to go away. I need to melt it off. The best way I know of is the Cardio Core Sculpting video that is part of the Crunchless Abs series of workout videos. This fat blasting routine is serious business. And the thing is, it doesn't really matter how much I do the wonderful Crunchless Abs toning exercises if I'm not willing to sweat and dance away the fat that is covering those ever-stronger abdominals. So, look in the mirror. Give yourself an honest evaluation. See if you've got some extra padding that is hiding your beautiful abs that are just waiting to be unveiled! And then grab your video and get to it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strip Down to Strong Abs

Summer is officially here in every way. It’s hot. Really hot. And people are shedding their clothing - stripping down to as little as possible. I’m struck by how many shirtless men look GOOD in nothing but shorts and sneaks, and I wonder how many have tried the Crunchless Abs program. I’ll bet most of these guys are laboring away in gyms and at home on their pull-up bars and overpriced exercise machines in order to sculpt their six-pack abs. Do they know that there is an easier way? The Crunchless Abs exercise videos are pretty darn revolutionary, if you ask me. Linda LaRue has eliminated the traditional floor crunch in favor of a multitude of much more interesting exercises that work out every segment of your abdominal core. The ingenious combination of moves eliminates unnecessary stress and strain on your neck and back and tailbone. The Crunchless Abs moves are the most efficient method of obtaining rock hard abs that I’ve ever seen.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

10 Easy Minutes to Flat Abs

My new favorite workout is the Crunchless Abs Workout #3. Whew! It feels so great. It's an interesting combination of modified yoga poses and other motions that really give your abs a fantastic workout. What I love about this abs exercise video is that it's gentle enough to do in the morning, but is seriously challenging at the same time. It gets my whole body warmed up. You must use your arms in a dedicated way, and your ham strings get this great stretch throughout. So often, abdominal workouts ignore the rest of the body, and even stress out other parts of the body, for example the neck, shoulders and upper back. And I just hate that. But this workout invites you to use your entire arms in downward dog and plank and scissor arms. And your shoulders will feel appreciated when moving quickly between a crouch and plank, shooting your legs straight out behind you. I can see that this is also a great practice move for working my way up to how they do this on the Rodney Yee yoga video I have. I never could do it on there, but this is a fantastic intermediate step to accomplishing that feat of strength: the seamless move from standing to plank. Your legs will feel stretched, lean, long, strong, when you do one of my favorite moves in this video - I'm not sure what it's called. But you do this nice fluid motion that enlists the aid of your pelvic muscles and your glutes to accomplish an exercise that doesn't feel too strenuous, but is clearly working loads of muscles. It also helps to get you to pay attention to isolating certain muscles to maintain a really still basic position while you're letting your legs glide up into the air and back down. It's a good one. You're going to feel sexier after you've done this workout. It feels so good, you might even want to try doing it twice in a row!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Many Benefits from Crunchless Abs Workouts

When I began the Crunchless Abs program, I thought that flat abs were definitely the most important goal. But it turns out that there are other benefits to these exercise videos. Because they strengthen your abdominal core, you’ll notice that you take new strength into everything you do. Your posture improves. And it brings you into your body. You become aware of your muscles and how you’re using them when you go about your regular activities. Gardening, house work, sports and other forms of exercise, and the like. You will get a new sense of how you use your body and more control over every move you make.

You can feel your core abdominals activate and help with upper-body work you do around the house and yard. You’ll even feel your abs kick into gear when you’re climbing a hill. You’ll get straighter, taller, and it will be easier to trudge upward.

One of the ways that the workouts give you this well-rounded core improvement is that there are a big variety of moves featured. Incorporating various poses from the traditions of yoga and pilates keeps it interesting and gives your body a great workout. Hopefully you too will notice this variety of benefits from this program that also happens to give you sexy abs without crunches.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crunchless Abs vs. Mini Ab Circle

So, I'm at a friend's house and she has a device called the Mini Ab Circle. Seems like a cool little gizmo that allows you to do various simple movements for working out your abs. But, here's the downside: it's hard on your knees. Well, it's hard on my knees, and I don't have particularly troublesome knees. I probably tried it out for about 4 minutes, doing maybe 6 different moves. And when I stopped, owie. My right knee really was sore. The reason for this is that all of the exercises have you down in a kneeling position. So while I love the idea that you can just do these repetitive motions while you're watching TV, I'm not so sure I could stand to do it regularly if it was hurting my knees like that. FYI, the mini machine is $99 and the larger version is $199. Not too bad, but WAY more expensive than the Crunchless Abs program.

So there are two upsides of the Crunchless Abs program: very inexpensive, and really low-impact on your body. You get great results on your abdominal core without stressing other joints and muscles in the process.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Grab Your Towel and Sculpt Your Abs

I have to say, my favorite workouts require little to no equipment. This is one of the things I absolutely love about the Crunchless Abs program. In the Crunchless Abs 2 workout, all you need is a towel. That’s it. And in just 10 minutes a day, I’m working my way toward firmer, stronger, sexier abs. It’s all about making them work – repeatedly. And not just some of the abs, but all of your abs. Side obliques, lower abs, upper abs – all of your core gets activated and put to work. These are really simple exercises! It’s not rocket science. Getting taut, sculpted abs isn’t a big mystery and won’t require a ton of time, but it does take consistency – you’ve got to commit to working on them just about every day if you want to see results.

Now, the killer move in this program is the pushup. Whoa. As I’ve gotten older, my upper body strength has really diminished. This would explain why I’m starting to get those flabby upper arms I never thought would happen to me. Must resist!! Tracy Mallet leads us through really clever exercises that trick your abdominals into working hard – you just won’t believe it till you try it. The most amazing little move to me is when you drag a towel across the floor with your arm – it’s crazy how it taps directly into your abs and makes them work hard.