Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Wishing" Is Not an Effective Fitness Plan

It seems that merely recognizing I have some extra fat lying around is not enough to make it go away. If wishes were horses we’d all take a ride. That’s right, it turns out wishing is not an effective fitness plan. So, the time has come for me to start counting calories. I know, I know, calorie counting seems so 1980s, but hey, the ‘80s are back, haven’t you heard? So, my goal is to lose one pound in the next 7 days. I know some people have much loftier goals, but I want to start small, realistic. I want to start this little program with a success. As far as I’m concerned, success is the right foot to put forward! OK, so the crunchless abs Cardio Core Sculpting video is going to play a part in my one-pound-reduction goal. And, yes, I’ll be counting calories. This means keeping a food journal. Some of you have smart phones (you lucky dogs!) and can download calorie-counting apps. More power to you! I think this is one of those great apps that can really make a different in your health, therefore in your life. The thing is that I’m not accustomed to paying a lot of attention to the calories in the foods I eat. The food journal will make me aware and probably influence what I’m putting in my mouth – there’s nothing like a visual record to keep me on my toes! Wish me luck.

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