Thursday, July 15, 2010

Count Calories to Lose Weight

Success! I lost 1 pound this week! I can't even believe it. I started a food journal, writing down everything I ate. I haven't gotten into a good rhythm yet of calculating the calories - this part still feels like a chore. I think it'll get easier as I learn what caloric values are in foods I eat regularly. Just the fact that I'm documenting what I eat is a huge step in the right direction toward being very aware of what I'm putting in my mouth. I highly recommend it. And if you're willing to show your food journal to someone else, so much the better - you'll feel even more dedicated to eating right. Because who wants to admit that they ate that whole bag of cheese puffs?
Here are some websites you can use to help you calculate your calories:
I'm eating a bit more protein than I usually do, because i'm trying to drop some fat and add some muscle. I'm building up those abdominal muscles, and melting off the fat layer that hides my ever-strengthening ab muscles. And, I'm trying to get into a more regular rhythm of eating. I've always been a bit of a grazer and also kind of an over-eater. So, while those are difficult habits to break, I'm at least aware of it now and trying to make the changes necessary to unveil beautiful abs. My diet has always been a little out of whack - eating too many starchy carbs and not enough fruits and vegetables. So, I'm trying to work that out. And adding in the protein that I was really missing. It's all delicious. The thing I'm missing the most is the baked treats made with refined sugar. That was my main staple that I'm trying to do without entirely. Whew! Difficult! But it will be absolutely worth it. The Crunchless Abs program is so do-able... I don't want to be putting in the energy and time on the workouts and messing up on the diet part of it. The exercise is only part of the equation! We've got to eat right, too!

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