Monday, February 02, 2009

Pass It On

Thankfully, recycling is increasingly becoming a part of daily life for more and more Americans. Of course, back in the day, we reused our own things until they simply couldn't be repurposed anymore. Then lots of folks - out of actual or relative affluence - began chucking everything into the landfill when they were tired of it. And now, finally, people are either throwing things into the recycle bin, or passing goods on to someone else who needs it more than they do. Hurray!! In Linda LaRue's latest blog, she points us to some resources for passing on athletic shoes. It's a great idea. How many homeless folks have you seen who are either barefoot or close to it? Many. It might sound a little funky to you to wear someone's old running shoes, but I'm sure I'd be glad to wear them if they were my only option. Get to it: donate your shoes.

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