Monday, January 26, 2009

No Crunches

Can we all just stop and give the creators of Crunchless Abs a round of applause? I'm feeling grateful for exercises that strengthen my core, tighten my abs and give me a general feeling of well-being... without putting me through the agony of crunches ... which are one of my least favorite things in the world. I'm sure we could all put our heads together and think of some far worse things... waterboarding, pelvic exams, fasting, conference calls, stepping in doo... in no particular order. You get the idea.

And, wow. I just looked at Linda LaRue's blog and her most recent entry is about how you can help your gym go green. Now, if you ask me, the most green exercise there is, is staying home with your Crunchless Abs DVDs. But, if you're going to get in the car and go be with other humans to get your workout on, then do look at Linda's suggestions, because they are excellent. I hope more gym owners start thinking about not just their clients health, but the planet's health, and how each one of us can do our part.

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