Monday, April 05, 2010

A Good Foundation for Your Workout

I have to admit that I never knew the value of proper running shoes for exercising in until I bought a pair - my first pair - this weekend. Don't cheat yourself out of proper footing. I've become an overnight convert to outfitting yourself well - giving yourself every opportunity to protect your body from injuries and unnecessary wear-and-tear while you're working out. The running shoes fit PERFECTLY - the high tech materials they're made of, and the lace-up style fully hugs my foot, and even my heel, which always slips in every other pair of shoe. If you've never invested in a pair, go to a sports store with sales people who really know their stuff and can help you make an educated choice about what's best for your needs. It'll be great for the aerobics portion of the Crunchless Abs program! And try on lots of pairs so you really feel the difference - you'll know when you're in a pair that works for you.

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