Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday is Soup Day

Sunday is soup day. Have you taken a look at the Souper Slim booklet that came with your crunchless abs video? The weekend is a great time to make a nice big batch of soup to last much of the week. I've found that it's fantastic to have it waiting in my fridge, so that when I've had a long day at work, I can come home and nuke some soup - it helps to keep me from those ill-advised runs to the market at dinner time, where my handcart usually winds up with things like frozen tacquitos. Which are kind of disgusting and full of fat! A friend of mine has been making this heavenly asparagus soup that is completely vegan. So delicious. And here's my extra special tip to making soup feel a little more special than just a ladle full of healthy... prepare something to sprinkle on top that suits the soup - it may be toasted pine nuts, a tiny bit of goat cheese, lemon zest... and top your reheated soup with that little something special that adds a nice accent. Haven't decided which recipe I'll use tomorrow, but I'm definitely souping it!

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