Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Green Your Workout

Linda LaRue has got it going on. I stumbled upon this list of hers that details ways to get you all greened up. These Green Workout Tips are SO easy and can make a massive difference. The one I want to point up right now is how we should all stop using disposable plastic water bottles. They are a ridiculous waste of natural resources and are filling up the landfills like nobody's business. We all know that. But an even scarier part of the problem is that many of those plastics contain endocrine disruptors that are causing frightening, irreversible genetic defects in our children. Bisphenol A is an example of an endocrine disruptor that is super common (it's even in the lining of all those canned foods in your pantry) that causes irregularities in the reproductive systems of boys. OK, so this blog entry isn't exactly about Crunchless Abs, is it? No, but it's an issue that is slowly emerging as a topic of great concern in some science circles and is hitting the major media outlets, albeit slowly. Read a little bit about it, won't you? I've got my stainless steel water bottle all picked out. Very cute!

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