Monday, June 01, 2009

Crunchless Abs on a Leash

So I was just looking at the SOUPer Slim diet book and have decided that I'm hungry!! It's too late, perhaps to start eating dinner right now (eating schedule was really out of wack today) but I've got to do it - I can't go to bed hungry. I do wish I had some soup on hand (admittedly, matzo ball soup sounds good even if it isn't the smartest), but it'll have to be something scavenged from the fridge and pantry - prefab nasi goreng and chick peas? Doesn't sound too bad, actually. So, I have found another core workout that does not actually involve putting the Crunchless Abs DVD into the player. It is this: walking a dog who isn't leash trained. That's right! Keeping a firm grip on the leash at a steady distance from my body and regularly correcting, using my core instead of my bicep, for the most part - kind of cool! Now, I am hoping to get the pup trained up soon, but until then, my core - my abdominals, the whole body, really, is getting a little extra workout.

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