Sunday, April 26, 2009

Take Your Tote

Whoa: check this out. Billions or even a trillion plastic bags are used every year. Check out this link for the actual statistics on plastic bag usage and waste. So, get yourself a cute little reusable bag and save yourself a lot of trouble storing those flimsy petroleum-based death bags, people. My friend in Japan sent me the cutest little thing: it's a sturdy nylon bag with a charming little lion printed on it and it zips into its own little pouch. It lives in my handbag so that I never find myself in those "Oops, forgot my own bag" situations. America seems to think that the organic cotton tote is the way to go, but I beg to differ. While the nylon bag may not be as sustainably made (although who knows) it goes everywhere with me so I never forget it - I ALWAYS forget the canvas totes. Nuff said.
p.s., while these aren't nearly as cute as mine (sorry!) they're A-OK: Baggu

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